Thank you so much for considering to offer a Cornish Doodle a lovely new home.  We strive to breed the BEST puppies in health, temperament, character and form.  Every decision we make is research led, from the flooring choice in the whelping box, to the diet and care we provide to our pregnant girls. 

We make sure that we are basing our decisions on the latest and very best research out there so we can make our pups the absolute best they can be.

We spend a huge amount of time and energy selecting which dogs to breed and which studs to use in our program.  We only breed from fully health tested dogs with fantastic temperaments that carry the genetic ability to produce beautiful, healthy, perfect family companions.

Our aim is to produce small-medium sized doodles with lovely soft, wavy, non-shedding coats. 

We currently breed Bernedoodles and Bernedoodle Crosses because they are usually lower energy than other poodle crosses, they also have a reduced prey-drive (less likely to chase things) and tend to be a bit quieter and more chilled. They also make fantastic family dogs as they are incredibly bright, easy to train and love human company – especially children!

We aim to produce wonderfully chunky, miniature sized Bernedoodles in a wide variety of beautiful colours and lovely soft non-shedding teddy-bear coats.

This application is for a puppy from one of our future litters of Bernedoodles or Mountain Doodles.  Current prices for our puppies are £4500 for Mountain Doodles and £5000 for Bernedoodles.  All of our pups will be gorgeous fluffy teddy-bears with soft fleecy, non-shedding coats.    

The first two choices from each litter will usually be reserved by us, the breeder.

Once your application has been received and approved you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100.  You will be added to the waiting list in the order that this has been received.

Please keep in mind that the more stringent your criteria the longer you will likely wait.  We cannot guarantee wait times.  We will do our best to provide you with our best estimate, however ultimately it is up to Mother Nature! Sometimes females have smaller litters than expected, or they may not get pregnant.  We reserve the right to change potential pairings at any time.